Episodic Memory In The Movie 'Inside Out'

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Memory The movie Inside Out touches on many parts of psychology and different types of memory. Lots of senses during Inside Out show characteristics and demonstrates how a person’s memory works.
Short term memory is “memory that holds information briefly before it is either stored in long term memory or be forgotten. (Rathus,2010) When you remember something for a short amount of time it is called iconic memory. In the move Inside Out when Riley is little she had an imaginary friend named Bing-Bong and she didn’t think about him as she grew up so once she was older she didn’t remember that she ever had an imaginary friend and the memory of Bing-Bong fades. By the end of the movie Bing-Bong was completely forgotten by Riley. When Riley scored
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When something important happens to Riley in the movie it becomes a core memory. All the core memories are what makes up Riley’s personality. Episodic memory “is a memory of a specific event” (Rathus,2010) When Riley and her parents were in the living room and her parents were sort of upset, she would think about her and her dad paying hockey. Whenever the people send up the gum commercial song to headquarters, Riley remembers the words. This is an example of Semantic memory. Explicit memory is when you are using your long term memory. When Riley remembers her first goal is a long term memory, and she keeps remembering it because the more she plays hockey the more she thinks about it. Riley learned how to play hockey when she was little and she learned just by watching. This is an example of implicit memory. Maintenance rehearsal is when you repeat something to yourself over and over again to remember it. Going back to the gum commercial. She has herd it so many times it was stuck in her long term memory from repeating it to herself. When Riley goes out and plays hockey she already knows how to play but because it is meaningful to her, this elaborative rehearsal. We store different memories in different places, for example in the movie Riley stores all of her memories with her parents in family island, all of her hockey experiences in hockey island, as well as friendship island, Honesty island and goofball

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