Environmental Progress : A Relevant Issue For The Well Being Of Toronto

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Environmental Progress: A Relevant issue for the Well-Being of Toronto
Worldwide, actions about environmental issues have increased in importance in order to maintain the wellbeing of cities. In Toronto, environment has become a focal concern since it directly affects the daily life of residents. In fact, due to the adequate status of natural and built environments, Toronto has been able to manage the current effects of climate change and promote health and quality of life for all the citizens. Specifically, understanding Toronto’s environmental progress is important since it reflects the city’s level of commitment towards the improvement of environmental conditions. This understanding allows citizens to assess Toronto’s environmental actions and the general status of the environmental process. The current environmental progress of the city shows both achievements and new challenges. In fact, measures such as greenhouse emissions, air quality, and waste control have achieved several degrees of success, demonstrating advances and the need for more work. Different perspectives on the topic has indicated that areas such as transportation and investigation need to be considered deeply in order to achieve positive changes in environmental care. Thus, Toronto should focus its attention on developing policies that encourage changes in the transportation system of both the GTA and the city of Toronto itself.
Understanding Toronto’s Environmental Progress
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