Essay about Environmental Planning Of Australia And Urban Development

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This report provides an analysis and evaluation of environmental planning of Australia and urban development. There are 3 relevant case studies of ecologically sustainable development that is clean land, clean air and plan for a clear environment. All the information presented and conceptualizes the state of environmental planning in Australia in relationship between urban form community and government attitudes to natural processes, resource management and policy development and also applying practical ideas to corporate sustainability management in Australia.
The evolution of environmental sustainability started in the 20th century, the first problem recognized by the environmental managers was the air pollution which creates smog because of the automobiles and industries but that was not the only problem.
“In the 1950s, the Eisenhower administration described air pollution as a “local problem.” Of course, today we know it is a global problem - we track pollution from China blowing to the US, for example - but that early view probably shaped how air quality is regulated today via very strong state participation.”
The environmental management has now introduced new policies regarding environmental sustainability to develop a positive environment for the future generation in which they have made a proper study regarding environment essential in many institutes so that people can have much awareness regarding the natural resources recycling…

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