Environmental Management Systems Essay example

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Environmental Management Systems | I declare that all material in this assignment is my own work except where there is clear acknowledgement or reference to the work of others and I have complied and agreed to the University statement on Plagiarism and Academic Integrity. |

Constant Title | page | a) Identify a company and discuss the following: (10 marks)i) Background of the company ii) Introduction to the services / products of the company | 3 | b) Identification of the potential environmental impacts that maybe caused by the services / products of the company. (10 marks) | 4 | c) The company’s environmental management system (EMS) [Strategies to reduce the Environmental
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To run the 3 strategic will bring the challenge from the environment.

Here is the potential environmental impact of Adidas AG that caused the product of the company. Above show that type of impact, the question is that all impacts is related to a product? The answer is YES. By making a shoes from rubber, leather, rope, idea of design, colour materials, energy, electricity, man-power, time, air pollution, sample volume, water pollution, chemicals, carbon, paper, cotton, land, packaging and etc. To produce a pair of shoe, it needs a factory and so we need to cut down a area of tree to build the factory, it affect animal, air pollution and increase the fire rate to burn the forest. Once factory build, we need machine it need energy and electricity to keep the heat, it will affect the air pollution which is carbon dioxide bring global warming and effect human body to get cancer, and it need huge of electricity, so electricity produce factory will need to produce more, and it need a land to build a factory to produce electricity which kill animal and land pollution again. So now we need worker to work, factory may take care the labour work place base on labour law and right to reduce stress and reduce CO2 that affect body to get cancer, like china Adidas factory build the condominium for them, it again affect the land. Next they need the

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