Environmental Issues Of Health And Wellness Essay

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In past decades, New York City has had various issues which have had a major impact concerning health and wellness. There are a lot of specific environmental issues that are putting a major negative effect on NYC environmental factors. One issue that sparked my interest specifically is water pollution.
The human body is 3 quarts of water. Water is essential to sustain life on all levels. New York City is covered with nearly 1,850 miles of shoreline, thousands of lakes, rivers, and others waterways. Protecting our water resources is critical to New York 's economy, environment, and health. NYC has made progress within our ocean and waterways controlling pollution, however, they are still plagued by widespread pollution; fisheries, marine habitat destruction and the drinking water system (NRDC, 2015). Industrial plants, in some cases, were located relatively close or within low-income neighborhoods which waste was discarded in the ground, which ended up infiltrating the water system, which was an endangerment to the water system. In effect now, advocates for health campaign for the safeguard of NYC drinking system. Lands that surround the region 's key watersheds are placed off-limits to proposed gas drilling. Gas drilling which could contaminate water through a technique called hydraulic fracturing - or "fracking"(NRDC, 2015). In controlling the pollution in the oceans and waterways green infrastructure solutions like green roofs, roadside plantings, and permeable pavement…

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