Essay about Environmental Education And Social Education

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Environmental education exists in a multitude of forms. Some argue that any interaction with nature is environmental education, some would say that is not enough, that environmental education must be facilitated. Regardless of these opinions, environmental education is critical to the education all types of children. It is especially important for children living in urban settings to gain better understandings of their roles in the environment. It is vital that children understand that they are a part of nature, not separate from it. Urban schools are developing more environmental education programs that focus on urban areas and community involvement. Urban environmental education is a tool that can be used to instill this sense of unity with nature as well as the need for environmental stewardship among students of various ages.
There are many different facets to how children learn. One important element to consider is the need for diversity and inclusion as well as service and compassion, according to Expeditionary Learning’s design principles. Diversity and inclusion allow for students to “investigate and value their different histories and talents as well as those of other communities and cultures” (Design Principles). Urban environmental education has a strong focus on diversity as it involves activity within highly populated communities. Stella Vosniadou also discusses children’s learning. She argues that it includes many aspects. These include active involvement,…

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