Essay Environmental And Environmental Of Environmental Racism

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Environmental racism is a concept that segregates low-income or minority communities from the wealthy or richer communities because their community is chosen to place hazardous, toxic waste in proximity of their environment, which creates pollution and an unhealthy physical and mental state over higher income communities. Environmental justice, in turn, is the movement that sprouted due to the unjust concept of environmental racism. Environmental racism is apparent in regions where Indigenous peoples reside and even though an environmental justice movement have addressed the issues concerning the affects of environmental racism, further steps must be taken to diminish such acts. Environmental racism is ultimately a form of racial and environmental discrimination because it emerges from prejudice belief that one group is better than the other while creating such groups and chosen due to privileges and unfair advantages. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, for example, Western colonialism have greatly impacted Native Hawaiian’s and their relationship to their land. After the former sovereign Hawaiian nation was overthrown by the United States in 1893, their land was “divided, confiscated, and sold” while their cultural practices slowly diminished with the land they once called theirs (Mackenzie, Serrano, & Kaulukukui, 2007, p. 38). These lands were bombed, drilled, used for commercial development, and chosen as a site for disposable waste. As a result, a Native…

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