Essay on Environment Studies

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1. Define the importance of Environmental Studies.
Environment is derived from the French word Environ which means to encircle or surround.
ENVIRONMENT is sum total of water, air, and land, inter-relationships among themselves and also with the human beings, other living organisms and property. The above definition given in Environment Act, 1986 clearly indicates that environment includes all the physical and biological surroundings and their interactions.
ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES: It is multidisciplinary in nature covering chemistry, physics, biology, geography, mathematics, statistics, medicine, and engineering and making use of this for saving the environment for long time utilization. Scope of
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This temperature rise will lead to water level rising, and also many floods because of the lack of forests present that typically provide the soils to absorb water. Deforestation will also lead to increased levels of CO2 because there will be no more plants to intake it. This increase of greenhouse gases leads to global warming, which also leads to increased and more severe natural disasters and loss of land with the expanding ocean (increased temperature). Also, the lack of forest area also implies lack of oxygen, which we need to breath. The trees produce some of the oxygen that we breathe in and without that oxygen, we cannot live!
Urbanization also leads to more pollution and unhealthy living because of increased use of automobiles and construction. Furthermore, deaths will be rampant because of lack of food, labor, and clean water.
Another major consequence of overpopulation has been the outstanding usage of freshwater, thus leading to a major freshwater crisis that will definitely affect the future of our planet. It is also imperative to see the whole issue in perspective and how the increasing number of people in the surface of the Earth is relative to the amount of waste being produced. Hence, the constant pollution of the environment, along with bodies of water has exponentially decreased the quantity of usable water for the future of our generations. This has critically

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