Environment Is A Part Of Environmental System Essay

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Environment is the totality of all social, biological and physical factors individually as well as collectively that compose the nature and man-made surroundings. Man is a part of environmental system. The environment consists of four components atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere. The temperature variation in these components is the basis of heat budget of the earth. While the elements (Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Oxygen etc.) and compounds that sustain us cycle endlessly through living things and the environment. Hydrosphere includes various water resources water is essential for the sustenance of human life and activities. Human activities pollute it. The pollutant includes inorganic, organic, agricultural and industrial effluents all.

Thus environment is a complex of so many things (light, temperature, water, air, soil etc.) which surrounds an organism. The green fields, trees, shrubs, ponds, tanks, lakes, rivers, forests, blue sky and the various systems existing in the nature – all constitute the so called environment. Environment creates favorable conditions for the existence and development of creatures. The land is used for meeting the food and raw material supplies, while water is used for drinking, irrigation and power etc. The air is an important part for living creatures as nobody can pass even few minutes without air.

We live at the bottom of a virtual ocean of air that extends upward about 500Km. This thick layer around the earth is called…

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