Enviornmental Policy processes Essay

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Environmental Policy
There’s a Snake Eating my Dog!

The environmental stepwise process is a process people take to implement, assess, and interpret environmental related policies. The first step is to identify the problem, this is rather simple because there are lots of problems in our day-day lives. Next you have to Pinpoint the roots of the problem, followed by envisioning a solution for these problems. Now, a particular issue could have multiple causes, and thus multiple solutions. The you will get organized; when it comes to influencing policy, organizations are usually more successful than individual people are. The next step is the hardest, To cultivate access and influence. If you have a moving issue, influencing won't be so
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To survive?
Recently after the issue began, laws were passed in Florida that prevented not only the sale and possession of large constrictors (including burmese pythons, blood pythons, dumerils boas, Anacondas, and rock pythons), but also the legality of transporting them over state lines and into neighboring states. These laws were sort of a double edged sword. Yes, they had obvious benefits- however, how is it expected to remove the snakes ethically, if you cannot own them and you cannot take them into other states to sell them? What are they going to do? Give a 15 foot snake a ticket for crossing the border and not paying his toll? I dont think so. What I do think is that the laws are illogical- and that these snakes should not be killed off. After all, Feral cats are more invasive than any other invasive specie on our coast yet, if I were to walk outside of my house and shoot a feral cat on my property I would be arrested and heavily fined. So why is it legal to go about killing these gentle giants without any sort of permit or method of controlling how many get murdered? A fear of snakes has costed many of these creatures their lives. I know there has to be a better way.
People were outraged by the murder of their beloved pets- so they got together. Phil Goss decided to start and preside over a foundation called USARK. USARK, or the United States Association Of Reptile Keepers. This organization exists solely to serve the rights of reptiles and their

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