Examples Of Self Defense Of Justification

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Defense of justification is when there is imminent danger and police are not there to protect you. For example somebody broke into your home at night with a weapon and you do what you have to do to protect yourself.
Defense of excuse is when someone knows what they did was wrong, but they are not responsible. If the defendant had a mental disease, was just a little kid when the incident took place or acted under duress.
You can use self-defense to prevent death or serious bodily harm, if you are in fear of your life. For example- If you are in your car garage working and someone comes in and starts attacking you, you have the right to defend yourself until the suspect withdraws or decides to flee the scene.
If the
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The plain clothes officer did not solicit Jim, he simply came up to him. The officer did not bring up the subject about baseball tickets or money. Jim is the one who engaged the officer about buying baseball tickets.
First of all the getaway driver is an accomplice to the bank robbery and did intent to commit a crime by being a getaway driver to the robbery. He is also present at the time the crime occurred. So he can be charged with robbery, same as the people that went in and robbed the bank.

White collar crimes are generally committed by upper class or wealthy people. You could think of them as business or corporate crimes. White collar crimes do not included any violence such as money laundering, embezzlement, fraud, insider trading just to name a few. Their goal is usually financial gain or to hide money from the government.

I personally could not be convicted. I as an employee was just following orders. The grocery store itself could get in a lot of trouble and be fined. The manager would also get in trouble since it is his job to manage the store and he is responsible for what goes on. I may have to go to court and

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