Enterprise Resources Management ( Erm ) System Essay

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Enterprise resources management (ERM) system. A system that contains all of the processes of human resource management, decision support applications, distribution, maintenance support, quality and regulatory control, and health and safety compliance into a single system (Wallace, 1985).
Information technology (IT). A term that relates to the use of hardware and software for purposes of transmitting and receiving information (Wideman, 2002).
Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). An inclusive term that describes the sum of best practices of project management knowledge within the profession of project management. The PMBOK is a body of knowledge was developed by practitioners and subject matter experts (Guide, 2013).
Project Management Institute (PMI). A nonprofit organization that promotes the use of a common and structured project management methodologies, also the organization responsible for publishing and updating the PMBOK (Guide, 2013). Procurement management. A project knowledge area within the PMBOK that includes the processes to purchase or acquire goods or services (Guide, 2013). Project manager. A project manager is defined as the person assigned by an organization to achieve the project’s objectives by applying their knowledge, experience, and personality characteristics (Guide, 2013). Quality management. A project knowledge area within the PMBOK that includes the best practices for the processes and activities that determines quality policies,…

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