Enterprise Resource Planning : A Fully Integrated Information Technology

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Enterprise Resource Planning
Introduction to Concept Enterprise resource planning is a fully integrated information technology that integrates a company’s operations by delivering timely and accurate information in real time. These systems were born in an environment demanding more efficiency and higher customer service and are designed to help an organization optimize its distribution of enterprise resources for efficient utilization of those resources (Park & Park, 2015; De Toni, Fornasier, & Nonino, 2015; Kuo, 2014). Today, these systems extend to include the customers and suppliers of the central organizations, allowing information to be shared across the whole supply chain (Babaeia, Gholamib, & Altafib, 2015; Shatat, 2015). These systems have been utilized effectively in insurance, manufacturing, petroleum production, and many other industries around the world (Park & Park, 2015; De Toni, Fornasier, & Nonino, 2015; Shatat, 2015). The largest providers of enterprise resource planning software include SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft. Companies around the world spend $10 billion dollars per year, on average, to acquire these software platforms based on enterprise resource planning (Shatat, 2015).
Benefits and Challenges of Enterprise Resource Planning The benefits of implementing an enterprise resource planning system can be broken down into three categories: intangible, tangible, and financial. The intangible benefits of implementing such a system are those which are…

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