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Enhanced Interrogation Enhanced Interrogation, also known as torture, has been around all around the world in many instances. The most notable use of enhanced interrogation was after the terrorist attack on 9/11. The U.S. uses locations known as black sites outside of the country for their enhanced interrogation. The question on whether enhanced interrogation or torture should be allowed arises when these methods work or when they fail. Although enhanced interrogation works sometimes, we, as a country, should not use it because it is a violation of Article 5 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. The failures of enhanced interrogation outweigh the successes of it heavily. Considering this fact, CIA members water boarded Khalid Sheikh …show more content…
First, the information obtained through torture is used for a variety of purposes. Torture allows officials to obtain the information in a timely fashion. If information is given about an attack taking place in the future, the information can be utilized by military and government officials can in order to prepare for an attack. Another advantage people who are pro-torture use is that terrorists are deserving of some extra punishment as a result of misery that they have caused. To them, torture is a means of providing that extra punishment. In their eyes, torture is an advantage that should be added on top of their most likely given punishment, death. While there are definitely some advantages for the torture of terrorists, there are also many disadvantages. Torture is considered by many experts as both impractical and ineffective. When detainees are tortured, the information given by them can be falsified since the person undergoing torture does not have an intentions of giving any important information from the start. In some cases, torture victims are not even capable of giving accurate information because of all the damage done to them. Instead, their main goal is simply to stop the torture in order to return to normal which can lead to false extracted information. In fact, the 2006 US Army Field Manula on Interrogation states the "use of torture is not

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