Enhanced Interrogation Techniques Essay

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Enhanced Interrogation
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Enhanced Interrogation

Introduction Interrogation (also known as interpellation or questioning) is referred as interviewing. This activity is often executed by officers of military, police and intelligence agencies. The main objective of this questioning is to obtain the important information or extracting the declaration from the terrorist. It is often observed that, the areas of interrogation may include witnesses, victims and suspects of a crime. The case studies, researches and surveys show that the interrogation may incorporate different array of techniques and tools which may range from developing a empathy with the subject to complete to
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Therefore, in some countries, it is considered as an ineffective strategy or tools of getting the reliable and correct information from prisoners. Recent researches demonstrate that, several international codes and laws have strictly restricted the torture during the process of interrogation. It is because of the reason that, it may greatly affect the psychological and physical well being of a person[7].
Effectiveness and Significance of Torture In The Process Of Interrogation According to the recent researches and case studies, enhanced interrogation techniques may play a vital role in getting the appropriate information from prisoners. On the other hand, several researches show that, the information taken out by the prisoners through torture, cannot be considered as reliable and accurate. It is because of the reason that, some people are not vulnerable to the pain and may deliver unauthentic information, rather than endure it. Therefore, the enhanced interrogation techniques are not considered as the most effective tool of taking out the information[8].

Pros and Cons of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques It is often observed that, interrogation techniques have several pros and cons. It is because of the reason that, it may greatly affect the physical and psychological health of the victim. It is a fact that, in most of the cases, these

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