Essay on English Nationalism : America, Land Of The Free And Home

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English Nationalism
America, land of the free and home of the brave! Land of so many different cultures established throughout our history and home of a plethora of communities that have origins from around the world. Within these different pockets of communities are a wide range of different languages that differ from the Standard English tongue that many Americans are accustomed to. Even throughout the English verbiage, there are different styles and accents to the language that represents the United States. It can easily be said that English is the dominant language of our country but can it be said with the same easiness that English should be the only language used within our borders? The idea that the United States should be an English only country is a bigoted nationalistic idea that has been around for some time.
Destined for greatness, since the colonization of the east coast by immigrant founders, America has formed a nation of diverse people arriving from all over to make a better life for themselves. From the citizens of Great Britain all the way down to Africa, people have arrived voluntarily or through servitude to adjust to their new way of life. Even arriving to a new home on foreign soil, encounters with a native populations had language barriers that hindered communications between groups. Overtime, English became the dominant voice throughout America and has remained that way since her beginnings. Even though the United States does not own title to an…

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