Essay about English Immersion Vs Bilingual Education

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English Immersion vs Bilingual Education Does America have an official language? America is a big bowl of vegetable soup, a nation of immigrations. One language is needed to connect the people, structure, and function of the USA; that language is English. The Immigration Act of 1990 limits 416,000 to 675,000 annual immigrants a year, but there are many illegal immigrants that come to the USA each year ( Now think, how many of those people can speak fluent English? Not even 25 percent! Along with that, how will these people going to communicate with citizens of the United States and get along with their lives. There is a high possibility that one and a quarter or half of that population could be children. Those children will have the right to free public education. The English language is considered to be the “official” language of United States, so the immigrant children should be taught in English at school because they will learn English faster, it would be easier to fit into society, and the government will save money. Schools are created to teach students between K-12, the in’s and out’s of the society. The immigrant children should be taught in English at school so they can learn the public language easily However, in bilingual programs by third grade converts “75 percent of their subject matter in English, and it is 90 percent by grade 5”(Hamilton 544). Also, it is said that “Two Languages Are Better Than One” when it comes to job hunting because it looks…

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