Essay about English As An Instrument Of Global Communication

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Most Americans have probably experienced hearing a conversation in another language at a random occasion. Clueless of what is being expressed, the average American might think of what the conversation translates into the English language. Language is a barrier from means of communication, how will communication be a hundred years from now and, how does it affect culture? In the article “What the World Will Speak in 2115” by John H. McWhorter, argues that English will become the dominant language and will facilitate communication around the world. English will not become the sole language in the world, but as an instrument of global communication. The second most spoken language, Chinese Mandarin or any other language will not become the dominant language because English has reached out to other countries in various forms. In 2115 there will only remain about six hundred languages, due to the lack of teaching languages. The three wave movements, new languages, creole languages, and the third wave movement, explore the survivability of languages.
McWhorter (2015) describes how language will be in the year 2115 as “The spread of English just means that earthlings will tend to use local language in their own orbit and English for communication beyond.” English will not become the only language in the world, and that is far away from ever happening. A country wouldn’t be a country without its native language, for example “Japan with no Japanese,” (McWhorter, 2015) illustrating a…

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