Essay about English As A Native Language

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ENL: English as a Native Language is traditionally assumed to be a language that is acquired from birth without formal instruction (versus a language that was learned as a second or later language). ENL is also referred to as L1 (first language), mother tongue, or inner circle variety. An issue with the term “native language” or L1 lies in the fact that it is based on the premise of a monolingual society, whereas many societies are multilingual. In multilingual societies, a child may grow up learning a multitude of languages simultaneously with the order of acquisition not being specified and being no indicator of ability.
L1: First Language, implicitly is the language first acquired or native language, and as stated previously, is largely only applicable in monolingual societies. In a multilingual society, a child may have several “first languages” and it would be difficult to distinguish which language was acquired first.
TL: Target Language refers to the dominant or first language of a society which is targeted for acquisition. It can include many varieties, i.e. standard British or American English, regional or social dialects, etc. TL implies a second-language-acquisition perspective in which the target language is accessible. Another term used for roughly the same concept is “superstrate language” which stresses power and accessibility and leaves it open as to whether the dominant language is accessible or not.
L2: Second Language refers to English as an acquired…

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