English As A Dialect Of English Essay

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One of the main characteristics of languages is that they are always evolving, and the English language is no exception. Through its history, English has adapted itself to the contexts in which people were living, introducing new words or deleting ones that were not used anymore, amongst other changes. Over the last century, many new inventions influenced the language. One of the most important elements that is presently shaping and changing the use of English is the advances in technologies, from which emerged what is called ‘textspeak’: a dialect of English used by people when sending messages via mobile phones and online chats. Form the widespread use of textspeak arose two main views about the effects it on the English language: some think that it will slaughter the quality of the language while others think that it is simply the natural evolution of the language. This essay will discuss both views regarding the influence of textspeak on Standard English (SE), and what its future might be.
The textspeak dialect of English emerged at the turn of the millennium, when advances in computer-mediated communication, such as text messaging (also known as texting) or social medias, became more and more popular. Even though textspeak his quite recent, this speech is now used daily by many English speakers all around the globe. It is composed of a combination of abbreviations, clippings, omitted letters, emoticons and phonetic spellings, amongst others (Alkawas, 2011; Drouin &…

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