English And Australian Common Law System Essay

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Nauru, is a small country located in the Pacific Islands that not many people know of. Nauru is located approximately twenty-five miles south of the earths equator, and it’s closest neighboring country is Banaba, another island that is about two hundred miles east of Nauru. The territorial size of the country is only about eight square miles, with a population of “9540” people (Nauru: 2016 Country Review, 3). Nauru “became an independent” country “in 1968,” making it the “smallest republic in the world” (Nauru - Politics, Government, and Taxation). After becoming a republic in 1968, they decided to follow the same political system used in Great Britain, which is the unicameral parliament. They also follow the English and Australian common law system. Not long ago, in June 2013 the Democratic Party of Nauru has elected Baron Waqa as president.
As Nauru is a small freely exchanged country, it has some activities that brings the country some economic gain. Such activities include, phosphate mining, offshore banking, and producing products that contain coconut. Since Nauru is a tropical island, its main natural resource is phosphate minerals and coconut. This means they export a lot of phosphates and coconut products. Opposed to exporting, the country mainly imports refined petroleum. Nauru also exports more than they import, which is good for their economy. According to research Nauru’s GDP per captia is “$14,800” in 2015, where the GDP is “$150.8 million” in 2015 (The World…

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