Engineering 370i Essay

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This paper entitled Stardust is about none other than the famous Stardust mission by NASA. This paper will go in depth about how the mission was conceived and who was the primary funder of the mission. After the introduction of the mission stardust we go in depth of how the spacecraft was designed. What material was used for the frame of the spacecraft and why that certain material was used instead of anything else. This paper will also go over how the spacecraft communicated back to earth when it was thousands of miles away. Another interesting thing that will be explained is how the spacecraft was powered. What was or were the technologies implemented on the spacecraft to make it active for so long. Like anything else that
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Like the first meteor, brief information will be given about the meteor and also why it was a part of the spacecraft’s pre-designated trajectory. The next section of the paper will go over the discoveries that were found during the stardust mission. One part of the section will be about what was gathered from the fly by when the stardust spacecraft came in contact with the meteor Anne Frank. The other part of this section will be about what was discovered and recovered from the second meteor Wild 2. Another things that was part of the mission was to gather dust from space itself. This part of the paper will also go over how the samples were collected and stored while in space. Since the whole point of this mission was to collect samples from space and the meteor, in this section I will also go over how the samples were retrieved when the spacecraft was still in space and when the samples were successfully received. The last thing that will be mentioned about the stardust mission is that it had a mission extension. Soon after the primary mission was completed, the stardust mission was extended with new primary objectives. The last section will go over the new primary mission and when it was set and finished. Also, information will be given about its encounter with meteor Tempel 1. This paper uses information gathered from valid resources like NASA’s official website and others noted in the reference

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