Eng 221 Essay

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Written communication method Purpose in the workplace Technical or expository writing Why the classification was chosen
E-mail Contact and respond to a person quickly with information or a question Expository Not instructional, usually informal, meant to get information to/from quickly
Memo Provide reminder information Expository Used to get information out quickly, short and to the point
Letter Relay information to a specific person or group Expository Usually written to a specific person or group that ends with some objective, like a project end date.
Manual Inform employees on how to complete something Technical Manuals are usually a set of instructions aimed at teaching the employee how to complete a task or operate a specific
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This causes problems because as everyone knows, people want it fast and wanted it yesterday.

• How can an organization benefit from well-written communication? It can benefit an organization by showing the employees that you care about them. They will see that an item is well written and it will show that the organization cares. They will realize that since they took the time to produce a well-written item, they will, most likely take the time to treat every employee with the respect they deserve. It will also produce happier and more knowledgeable workforce. Your employees will be able to understand all communications thus being less confused, and more productive. As for your customers, they will see that you actually do care and do take the time to produce these communications, which will show the customers that they are not just dollar signs. This will, possibly, lead to more business and more customers.

• How do written communication skills differ from verbal communication skills? Written communication has to be perfect, so to speak. It has to contain correct grammar, and your words have to be chosen carefully and correctly. Verbal communication involves more interpretation. One has to consider the tone and inflection of the voice, the body language and visual cues to completely understand.

• What are the challenges a skilled verbal communicator might

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