Essay on Eng 100

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Tiffany Nguyen
Instructor: David J. Estrada
English 100
22 October 2013
First Draft
Theory has traditionally been approached from an objective orientation. We can trace a progression however throughout the 19th and 20th century in the apparent evolution of social scientific theory from objective through to more subjective approaches. The question remains though, does the theory accurately reflect change in society or does the 'perspective' of theory and theoretical approach of the researcher only tease out particular aspects of a social phenomenon. By holding the topic of subculture constant, social scientific theory can be put into question. This essay examines subcultures from the 1950's to the present in order to revisit
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The subcultures of the 1950's began in Britain with the Teddy Boys who challenged the notion of stereotyping by 'appearing' imminently respectable yet behaving contrary to public expectation with fighting and burglary. They also challenged certain notions of class by wearing suits reminiscent of 1930's high culture and yet behaving in a way usually associated with the working class (MSpapers 1998, p8). Moral panics were instilled by the media in the 1960's and 1970's providing a target for youth rebellion (Weinzierl 2003, pp16-19). The Teddy Boys were followed by the Mods and Rockersof the 1960's which centered largely on contradicting values of consumerism. The Mods aspired toward the upper class by wearing suits, collars and ties. They didn't accept the traditional representations of these items however; they rather fetishized them as objects within themselves. The Rockers on the other hand stood for working-class values. The main conflict between the Mods and the Rockers was expressed as a struggle over space to 'hang out'. The Skinheads were another subculture around the1960's which stood for a militant-style and often violent form of nationalism. This came out of a reaction to declining economic conditions and increased competition with immigrants for jobs
The Punk movement came about in part as a reaction to the Skinhead movement and in part centralizing the dichotomy of the Mods and Rockers, but also due to

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