Energy Flows Through An Environment Essay

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1. Energy flows through an environment. What are two main sources of food?
Why do organisms depend on food?
Who or what is the primary producer in a food web?
What do the arrows tell us about a food web?
How would a food web change if an organism were removed?
How can energy move through an environment?

2. Organisms and events cause environmental changes. How would an environment be affected by a change that harmed some hunted organisms but favored other hunted organisms?
What are some natural events that change environments?
How can living things change an environment?
How do environmental variations cause changes within an environment?
3. Environmental variations affect the survival of organisms. How might environmental conditions differ between a forest environment and an arctic tundra environment?
What changes does one have to make when one goes from one environment to another environment?
How do environment changes affect a food chain in an ecosystem?
How do environmental variations affect an entire community?
How do environmental changes cause traits in a population to change?

4. Environmental changes cause extinction. What are some environmental changes that are occurring today?
How might these changes cause extinction?
What are some reasons a species may become extinct?
What are some examples of environmental changes that can cause organisms to become extinct?
What caused mammoths to become extinct?
Why did the saber-toothed tiger become extinct?

5. Fossils…

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