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SFS Energy Finance Americas (“SFS EF AM”) requests approval to commit up to $50 million to Cedro Hill Wind LLC’s (“Cedro Hill” or the “Borrower”) $167.5 million Senior Secured Term Loan (the “Term Loan”). Net proceeds from the Term Loan will be used to recapitalize the Borrower, including the refinancing of the outstanding Term Loan and upstream dividends to the equity investors. The proposed transaction will increase the existing Term Loan to $167.5 million from currently outstanding amount of $101.7 million. SFS EF AM’s current exposure in the original financing is $22.6 million. The Term Loan will fully amortize by September 2029.
The Project sponsor is NRG Energy, Inc. (“NRG” or the “Sponsor”) (Ba3/BB-; SFS Equivalent rating of 6-). NRG owns one of the nation’s largest and most diverse competitive generation portfolios with interests in over 52 renewable energy projects around the world, including 36 wind projects consisting of 3,066 MW of generation capacity. The Project is a 150.0 MW wind energy farm consisting of 100 GE1.5MW XLE wind turbine generators.
Cedro Hill is a bankruptcy remote, special purpose, indirect subsidiary of NRG that owns and operates Cedro Hill wind energy farm (the Project”). The Project has been commercially operating (“COD”) since December 2010. As part of this loan amendment and upsizing, the Borrower commissioned a new wind study using AWS Truewind that incorporates 5+ years of actual energy output and the wind farm performance.
The wind…

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