Energy Drinks : Target Athletes Essay

1524 Words Jan 13th, 2016 7 Pages
The purpose of why energy drinks were originally designed was to target athletes. Promote increase energy thereby gaining faster running times, higher jumps, and so forth. However, over time this has evolved to” purposefully market young adults” (Malinauskas, Aeby, Overton, Aeby & Barber-Heidel, 2007), to aid them in their exams and “all night” cram sessions as well as party late and “function” the next day. It has replaced a way of life; one that includes health and wellness, such as, getting a good night sleep, and eating a balanced diet. Many have adopted the attitude that they can just have an “energy drink” and feel great. But what happens when you come down and crash? How is this really effecting their health overall, and how is marketing and inconsistent labeling of these products adding to the risks of consuming these energy drinks?

Energy drinks are consumed for multiple reasons. High school students and college students utilize energy drinks such as Red Bull and Rock Star, than unknowingly create a vicious cycle where they create unhealthy habits. Energy drinks are used to mix with alcohol which is a danger in and of it-self. You are essentially mixing a mood downer with a mood stimulant which is not a healthy combination. Moreover, as mentioned above, energy drinks are used to stay awake for various reasons and often times a vicious cycle occurs. For example, a student uses Red Bull to stay awake into the night to study for an exam. The…

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