Endocrine And The Endocrine System Essay

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“If you skew the endocrine system, you loose the pathways to self. When the endocrine patterns change, it alters the way you think and feel. One shift in the pattern tends to trip another”- Hilary Mantel. The endocrine system supports the growth and development, metabolism, and sexual functions, among other things. Endocrine comes from the Greek word “endo” meaning to secrete. Endocrine system includes a collection of glands that produce hormones, which are directly sent to the blood stream to change and effect the target cell. These changes in activity are strictly balanced to maintain homeostasis. Endocrine glands were first recognized as ductless glands as they have no external ducts and which discharge their secretions directly into the blood system. Both the endocrine and nervous system are closely associated that they are called neuroendocrine system. In which the neural in the brain is linked to the glands by homeostasis feedback. Glands in this system include the pituitary gland, the pineal gland, the hypothalamus gland and other major glands.

Human endocrine system, are a group of glands that secrete hormones acting as tissues carried in bloodstreams. Far back as 3000 BCE, Chinese provided treatments as seaweeds for disorders such as thyroid gland enlargement. Later during the middle ages, in the 19th century, they established the testes due to the deep changing voices of pre-pubertal boys. Entering the 20th century, endocrinology expanded as the knowing about…

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