Endless War Analysis

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Torreon (Torreon, CRS 01/27/15, summary section). Regardless of whether the conflict is stand alone or part of a prolonged engagement and/or war period, a majority of these conflicts where American troops are involved do not have an associated authorization use of military force associated with them. To highlight this fact Mr. Timothy McGrath states that the United States is currently involved in 134 different operations in his 8 December 2014 article on US Foreign policy (McGrath, Global Post website). The key point is that many of these conflicts never make mainstream news accounts and are not widely known by the public; therefore no attention is ever drawn to the fact that they do not have authorizations from Congress.
Based on those
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Congress continually looks the other way ignoring the fact that the required oversight is not being provided. Again, the underlying question here is why isn’t Congress willing to do its job? Recent rhetoric coming from Congress suggests a bipartisan desire to do something but nothing seems to ever come to fruition. Karoun Demirjian highlights the fact that many Members have proposed new authorizations to use military force, including one by the President; however, none have made it successfully through Congress (Demirjian, Washington Post …show more content…
The 2001 AUMF is rather unique being only 60 words with no time limit, no outlined geography, no named operations or named enemy (Bill French and John Bradshaw, National Security Network website). This was the first of its kind but then again America was (and still is) facing a nameless enemy who has few limits. The new enemy is not like ones we have dealt with in the past since this enemy is not constrained by borders or state affiliations (Cronogue, Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law website). It is founded on an extreme ideology that has proven to be very difficult to identify and locate (Cronogue, Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law

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