Endangered Species Essay

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Register to read the introduction… All living thing are part of a complex often delicately balanced network called the biosphere. The earth’s biosphere in turn is composed of countless ecosystems. When species become extinct we may lose a potentially valuable product. We lose objects of fascination wonder and beauty. A few hundred wild species have stocked our pharmacies with antibiotics anti-cancer agent’s pain killers and blood thinners. The situation in earth most biologically rich ecosystem is even worse. The spread of non-native species has greatly impacted native populations around the world. Invasive species compete with native for resources and habitats. Some even prey on native species forcing native species to their breaking point. Farmers use pesticides and herbicides which harm animals. Pesticides may keep fields and yards looking nice but they are harmful to wildlife and plants. Some Farmers are using insects and other animals that prey on certain crop pests. Farmers use plants containing natural toxics that repel harmful insects called biological controls there safe, effective and less expensive. This is called ecosystem service which are fundamental life support services provided by our environment. Ecosystem services include air and water purification detonation and decomposition of wastes and climate regulations regulation of soil …show more content…
You pick which path you follow one day you can save endangered species.

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