Encouraging Young Female Involvement Of The American Association Of University Women

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Encouraging young women to enroll in engineering programs prompts the concern of how to maintain female involvement, especially when the material becomes increasingly challenging. Researchers for The American Association of University Women, pursued the question of why so few women are involved in science, math, engineering, and mathematics, and concluded in their 2010 publication, “Students who lack confidence in their math or science skills are less likely to engage in tasks that require those skills and will more quickly give up in the face of difficulty” (Hill, Corbett, and St. Rose 22). The central issue here is not wildly different than learning how to ride a bike or starting at a new school because all require a common remedy: encouragement to continue. When young students struggle with learning a new concept, they are highly susceptible to quit due to the hasty association with incompetence. Therefore, encouraging girls’ to invest diligent efforts in engineering related courses from a young age is pivotal in producing greater female involvement in this profession.
The culturally engrained perception of engineering as a “boy’s world” creates a psychological hindrance in gaining female morale, but this stereotype does have an underlying validity. As Karen O’Connor, an author and professor focused on the female role in law and politics, explains in her 2010 book Gender and Women 's Leadership, that there is valid reason why engineering is a male dominated field: “Women…

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