Empty Vessel: Self-Esteem Concerns in Young Girls Essay

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Empty Vessel:
Self-esteem Concerns in young girls
Gonzalo Melendez
University of Texas in El Paso

Abstract This paper will take a look at the different dynamics of the rising the issue of the continued decrease in self-esteem in young girls. This paper will inform you of the age that self-esteem becomes a factor in a young girl’s life. It will also address the multiple causes that affect self-esteem in young girls. It will explain the long-term effects that come with low self-esteem and low self-image. Finally it will highlight ways to help mitigate and prevent low self-esteem in young girls in our society.

12 year old Lana wakes up one morning looks in the mirror and thinks “Ewe why are not pretty.” “I really hate the
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Our society is growing and is constantly evolving, women are now at the forefront of change and we need strong confident female to contribute to society in order to benefit our way of life.
At what age do girls suffer the greatest decrease in self-esteem and why?
Have you ever asked yourself the questions, “When did my little girl become so self conscious?” “When did she become concerned with how much she eats?” “When did she start to question her academic abilities?” These are all too common questions parents are asking themselves when their little girls are displaying self-consciousness at such a young age. But at what age does this type of behavior really begins? “In a recent self-esteem growth-curve analysis, with controlling family and stressful life events, this study showed a pronounced and progressive drop in girls’ self-esteem from 12 to 17 years of age. (Daniel Clay, 2005) One study from the National Institute on Media and the Family showed that at age 13, 53% of American girls are “unhappy with their bodies”. By the time they reach 17, the number grows to a startling 78%. (Hartstein, 2013) This is the age where most girls are trying to figure out their identity and measure need to be put in place to ensure they grow into a strong confident woman. (Daniel Clay, 2005)

What are some factors that are the leading cause in the decrease of girl’s self-esteem? When we

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