Empowering Your Organization Essay

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Empowering Your Organization

Empowering Your Organization
This paper will focus on four detrimental symptoms of disempowerment: Blame and victim mentality, Apathy and burnout, Gossip and backbiting and Top talent leaving for better opportunities or work environment. These are common issues found within many organizations. Their negative impact is corrosive and metastasizes like a cancer.
However, if symptoms are recognized, diagnosed and consequently addressed the damage can be halted and replaced with positive and productive values that will serve to empower. World-renowned for their pioneering work on empowerment the six values identified by Gershon and Straub (2009), will be used as a tool to develop strategies to resolve these
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These two powerhouses of disempowerment combined “reduces productivity, nullifies innovation, and creates inertia in the workplace (Stem, 2012).” An example is Sara, a feisty, bubbly personality, who had a passion for a job well done. Due to the downsizing of the company where she works, Sara has been given a continual increase in her job responsibilities, without compensation or proper training. She has had to wear a number of different hats for well over two years. Lunch is taken at her desk and vacations are constantly rescheduled; her marriage and family life have suffered greatly (Theravive, n.d).
Gossip and Backbiting Gossip is talk that serves to be both degrading and belittling. Its counterpart is backbiting. A malicious and insidious form of verbal assassination used to destroy the reputation of another individual. Backbiting as its name implies is normally spoken behind the back of another, when they are not around to defend themselves. Normally fueled by jealousy, its effect can be devastating and life altering (Tabije, n.d.).
Example given: Charles, a handsome, well educated, spoken, traveled, experienced and manicured man in his early thirties, has just been given a highly sought after position. Henry, an older man with limited qualifications and fading looks, upon hearing that Charles had gained the promotion began to tell

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