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Employment History I never knew my grandfather on my father’s side so I don’t know what he did for a living, but my grandmother was a stay at home mother. My grandfather on my mother’s side of the family worked at the Foundry in Radford from the time he was a teenager until he lost his eye while pouring hot metal when he was in his forties. After the accident he went to work for a little place across from the Foundry called Rent-All where he worked on all of the rental equipment. My grandmother on my mother’s side never worked because my grandfather said he always wanted to take care of her. Because my father did not graduate high school the only job he could get was at the Foundry in Radford working something called knock out where the employee used a sledgehammer twelve hours at night to flatten metal. His second job was a job that my mother helped him get at St. Albans psychiatric facility in Radford, again my father had no diploma or GED so his work at St. Albans was limited to housekeeping. My mother had gotten her GED so the first job she was given was at St. Albans as a unit secretary and she worked there until retirement. My sister started out working in fast food restaurants when she was in high school, but went to work at a sock factory in Pulaski, Va. soon after she graduated. She continued to work at the factory for a few years and then she got married and quit her job. I did not have a job while I was in high school, but as soon as I graduated, I decided to…

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