Employee Rights Case Study

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14-2 Do employers have rights? If so, what are these right?
Yes, employers have rights, employers are represented by managers and those managers have management rights. The Management rights are to manage the workforce; hiring, promoting, assigning, disciplining, and discharging employees. In addiction, managers have the right to run the business and the right to retain the profits that come from operations. In other words employer’s most basic right is to run the business.
(2) Background Checks Can Misfire Harming Employees' Career Prospects p. 459-460 Critical Thinking Questions
14-13 In this case, an employer’s right to protect its property is at odds with employee’s right to privacy concerning the use of personal employment information
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As result organizations are becoming aware that is it in its best interest to establish internal whistleblowing policy to encourage employees to reveal misconduct in-house instead of exposing it externally. Internal whistleblowing policies need to be supported by top management if employees are going to feel safe in using the internal exposing. Furthermore, the company needs to find a way to ensure the whistleblower remain anonymous especially in the beginning to protect the employee from …show more content…
The illegal immigrant will send some of their paychecks back home but will have to buy products in the U.S in order to stay alive. This creates a new market in that companies can sell products similar to the illegal immigrant home country. An opportunity for the government is to track and document all illegal immigrants and have them file for legal documentation, this would increase the taxes being paid to the government which would, in the end, help the U.S.
14-22 What do you consider to be the main challenges related to the issue of illegal immigrants in the workforce? State your reasoning.
The main challenge for illegal immigrants in the workforce is the sheer number of illegal immigrants in the U.S., this alone making any policy change difficult to achieve. Furthermore back filing the position presently held by the illegal immigrants would be an uphill battle for companies.
14-23 What makes it so difficult to find an acceptable solution for this issue, assuming that the status quo concerning illegal immigration needs to be

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