Employee Involvement And Participation Throughout Organisations

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In recent times there has been a wide increase in employee involvement and participation throughout organisations. It has become increasingly evident that from further offering employees a ‘voice’ it can further lead on to concrete advantages for employers, employees and organisations as a whole. (Wilkinson, A., & Fay, C. 2011) As trade union membership continues to decline throughout the UK, employers’ attention has shifted on to forming individual relationships with employees consequently leading on to employee involvement becoming a key focus when it comes to creating overall business strategies. (CIPD, 2014)
Main Body – In depth about employee relations (specifically employee involvement, talk about parentalism methods history etc Hollinshead, G., Nicholls, P., & Tailby, S. (2003). Historically, many businesses preferred to adopt and run in the form of the unitary theory, the result of which left managers to reign supreme in the workplace and have overall say in the day-to-day running of an organisation. (Hollinshead, G., Nicholls, P., et al 2003) However in the last decade there has been a change, updated and revised versions of the theory have appeared, focusing on various aspects of employee relations, one of which includes the notion employee involvement and voice. (Burton J., & Gold, J. 2012) Numerous employers have introduced employee involvement and voice throughout the workplace as a means of creating a democratic and modern workplace. (Burton., J & Gold,…

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