Emmett 's System That He Should Not Have Had Essay

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This is where we need answers because some medication was found in Emmett’s system that he should not have had. Our job is to figure out how he would have got this medication he should not have had. The only thing she can think is that he found it on the floor and took it, but shouldn’t have. She does not want to think that her mom would have given him something. She said she was not there, so she cannot say what happened. I asked what she meant by she was not there. April said she took Aiden to school. When she got back Emmett and her dad were in the front room. Emmett was on her dad’s lap and Layla was asleep. She said it was almost nine o’clock when she got home. I asked when she laid Emmett down for a nap. April said she cannot remember a time, but remembers it was when Sheriff Cali came on. She cannot remember a time, but she won’t forget what was happening that day. I said I understand and there is probably a lot you won’t be able to forget about this day.
The reason for all the interviews today is we received the results back from the Medical Examiner’s Office. Those results raised concerns for the Medical Examiner, which in turn raises concerns for us. The results showed that Emmett had large traces of Morphine in his system. I sat quietly for a moment to let the information set in. April seemed to be very emotional and crying. April said her mom takes Morphine. Kim takes 100mg, twice a day. Her dad also takes Morphine, 30mg.
There is Morphine in the house. April…

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