Emmeline Pankhurst Speech Analysis

Emmeline Pankhurst was a soldier and a convict who helped women win the right to vote. She was a British political activist, born in 1858 in Manchester, England and died in 1928. She headed a militant women’s suffrage movement in England ten years before she died where women over thirty gained the right to vote. Also, she fought for women’s right to vote in America, women gained the same voting rights as men in 1920 with the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution. Pankhurst already acquainted with the leading radicals, socialists, and suffragist in Britain, France, and the United States, established the British Women’s Social and the Political Union in 1903. As women still could not vote or run for most public offices, Pankhurst made it her goal to speed up the enfranchisement of women willing to risk her life if necessary and become the most famous woman in Britain.
For instance, women and men were forbidden to ask questions about the vote
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In Emmeline Pankhurst “Militant Suffragist” speech that was held at Hartford, Connecticut November 13, 1913, discusses how women were pictured as being the criminals, and not a victim of this unjust act of not having the right to vote. Pankhurst’s speech speaks about how being a suffragist was considered as being a convict. Also, how suffragist and anti-suffragist men said you can govern people without their consent. Women demonstrated that government doesn’t rest upon force, it rests upon consent. Women withhold their consent because they refused to be governed by an unjust government. Pankhurst in her speech said “not by the forces of civil war can you govern the very weakest woman. You can kill that woman, but she escapes you then; you cannot govern her. And that is, I think, a most valuable demonstration we have been making to the world”. Pankhurst 's point is that you can govern women and order them around without their

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