Emily Dickinson's Life In American Life

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Emily Dickinson was an American poet in her time. She was well known for her many works and she was most likely one of the most famous females of her time. Taking a look into her work, a person will see how passionate she was with it. Students and teachers all over the world still use her works today as a method of education in the literature department. Many people still read her works for a good time.
Emily Dickinson was born on December 10, 1830, in Amherst, Massachusetts. (Emily Dickinson, 2015.) Oddly enough, on the contrary of regular births, Emily’s was not of the normal. Not in the sense of her birth was complicated, but, more special if anything. Emily was actually born in her own family home according to (Benét, L, 1964.) Her place of birth makes her the true definition of a small town American, making her a part of the “American Dream” as some people like to call it. According to (Biography of Emily Dickinson, 2009,) the Dickinson family was well known in Massachusetts, the one thing that really represented their success in life. Emily’s small home town comes with a backstory, as most do. There’s a story to just about any town you come across. Yet,
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Sort of like an invasion of privacy but without the repercussions because this person is usually already famous so there’s really no harm done. However, for Emily Dickinson, such is not the case. According to (Emily Dickinson Biography, 2017), only five of Emily’s previous works can be dated back before 1858. However, usually even if someone can’t find any earlier works, someone can always get ahold of all the works that have been published and put them all together for people to have easier access to. This situation does happen to be the case for Emily, as according to (Emily Dickinson’s Life, 2001), Thomas H. Johnson made her complete body of 1775 poems available in

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