Emilia's Role In The Death Of Othello Essay

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Some people believe that Emilia’s role in the demise of Othello was just as bad as Iago’s. But she did not intend to take part in her husband’s plan to ruin Othello’s life. She tried to help Desdemona by giving her advice, but she did not know that it would lead to her demise. Emilia did not give the handkerchief to Iago, he took it from her. She, in fact, fell victim to Iago’s vengeful plan. Emilia was tricked into helping Iago get revenge on Othello, she did not take part willingly.
The handkerchief is one of the main things that leads to the death of Othello. When he finds out that Desdemona lost the handkerchief he goes crazy and starts plotting his plan to kill her. He does this because he thinks that Desdemona is cheating on him and
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It shows her loyalty to Desdemona. She told Desdemona if she really did cheat than Othello should look at himself and wonder what he did wrong to make her want to cheat. This advice is more to “keep men loving and trustful than to urge women to be untrue” (Bowman 103). Emilia is saying that men should love their wives and be trustful in order to keep them from cheating on them. She expresses that if women cheat than it is simply because their husband are not trustworthy and/or they do not love them enough. At the end of her life, Emilia told the Moor that Desdemona really did love him and she never cheated on him. She was loyal to Desdemona until the end of her life. She wanted people to know that Desdemona never did anything wrong and died in vain. This led to Othello hating himself for believing that the one woman he really loves cheated on him. He hated himself so much that he killed himself for killing her.
Even though Emilia made some mistakes she is not to blame for the death of Othello and Desdemona. She had no idea what was in store for them when she showed Iago the handkerchief. Her mistakes and weaknesses were “catastrophic in consequence” but “are human and understandable enough to make her loveable” (Bowman 104). The weaknesses she had led to many horrible things, but these weaknesses only made her more human. Emilia is not to blame for any of this happening. Iago is the only person you can blame for the death of Othello and

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