Emile Durkheim And Jonathan Haidt Essay

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Humans have an inherent desire to be a part of a group. Belonging to something greater than themselves activates a sense of being of more than just a person. The need to belong is a major source of human motivation. Humans need to participate in a group just as a group needs people to participate. In order to be in a group, the members are required to have the same ideas, interests, beliefs for a successful society. Religions create a common moral understanding for all participants to be able to coexist. Emile Durkheim and Jonathan Haidt theorize how religion operates as a society and the consequence of intergroup conflict. To maintain a unified group, individuals must lose their self reasoning and work only for the benefit of the group which leads to decisions that an individual would not make. Durkheim explains how religious beliefs and practices function to foster societies. Although the idea of a society is solely inside the individual’s mind, there’s a prominent feeling of awesomeness that manifests when a person is in a collective group. “Within a crowd moved by a common passion, we become susceptible to feelings and actions of which we are incapable on our own” (Durkheim 157). When a person is a part of a unified group, all undergoing something together, there’s a feeling of solidarity that overcomes them. In a crowd at a football game, at an EDM concert, or in a church people commonly have this experience that takes them to a higher place. Whether it be chanting…

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