Emerging Need For New Technology Across Businesses, Universities And Professional Organizations

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Research and Analyze Trend
As the emerging need for new technology across businesses, universities and professional organizations, Microsoft has managed to keep up, and meet the needs of these trends by developing cloud-based architecture, which enables seamless integration across various applications. In our modern world today, an organization will not survive without digitalization. In order to survive and keep up with the latest technologies Microsoft cloud-base software has security features, high level performance, and scalability. There are three main service layers to cloud computing: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Sultan (2010) explains IaaS consist of “remote delivery of full computer infrastructure (e.g., virtual computers, servers, storage devices, etc.)(p. 110). PaaS layer, what use to be “ a traditional computing model…each managed locally required hardware, an operating system, a database, middleware, Web server…team of network, database and system management experts…these services are now provided …by cloud providers” (p. 110). The SaaS This layer is provided as a service over the Internet, there is no software to install or maintain. It can be accessed “via the Internet …this type of cloud service offers a complete application functionality that ranges from productivity (e.g., office-type) applications to programs such as those for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or…

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