Emerging Models For Workplace Structure In Technology-Intensive Organization

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Management principles are used for defining the operation and functions of organization according to culture and process. In technology intensive organizations, it is important that the organization adapts to changes quickly as well as prepared for transformations in terms of culture as technological innovation. There is a strong inter-connection between the employees, emerging technological innovation and the organizational driving factors which lead to changes in the organization. Management in such an scenario plays an important role in key areas like planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling the function in most effective and efficient manners to meet the objectives The study will be based on traditional and technological intensive organizational approach to manage operation and meet standard of management functions. It will state the differences between traditional and modern principle and management approach of organization to achieve objectives. The study will analyze the gap between traditional and current management practices.

Emerging Models for Workplace structure in Technology-Intensive Organizations

Introduction Management is core business practice that is used for maintaining operations and functions of organization according to standard and goals. Management is
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According to current business conditions and process, technology has provided many changes in management activities which have significant impact on practices and process of working. The organizations are using the technical tools for engineering, manufacturing, decision making and knowledge management (Kim & Mohanty, 2010). Different techniques and practices have influenced the traditional management process as well as improved the standard of monitoring, controlling and determining tasks. Following are key techniques and manager tools boxes of modern management practices which applied to technology intensive

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