Emergency Abdominal Surgery Is Becoming More Common Essay

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As the number of elderly patients continues to increase, emergency abdominal surgery is becoming more common. It is important to evaluate the impact of emergency surgical intervention in this population, especially as such patients have higher rates of comorbidities, limited functional reserves, and a higher need for institutionalized care and rehabilitation, which results in higher rates of mortality and morbidity than the rest of the population. Despite the higher average risk for poor outcomes, the patient’s perioperative conditions play a significant role in determining how well they do after surgery. Several studies have attempted to provide accurate information regarding the risks and benefits of emergency surgery in this age group, but these studies have been limited by small sample sizes and single-centre experiences. The advantage of this study is that it utilizes a provincial database making it possible to present the evolution of mortality on a population level in the province of Quebec over a 10-year period. In addition to identifying predictors of mortality, the data and models developed and presented in this study can be used by surgeons to discuss therapeutic goals with elderly patients requiring emergency surgery and their families.
Our study demonstrated that both crude and adjusted 30-day and one-year mortality rates were lower in 2007 compared to 1997 (Table 3), even though the 2007 cohort had a higher comorbidity index (Table 2). This finding was…

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