Essay on Embryonic Stem Cell Stem Cells

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Embryonic Stem Cells
Stem cells can be defined as undifferentiated cells that have the ability to divide into additional cells of the same origin, and are used to replace unhealthy cells with healthy ones that can regenerate. Stem cells were first discovered in the 1800’s as the building blocks of life. In 1998 researchers extracted the first human embryonic stem cell that could sustain life in a laboratory. Since that time, it has become a controversial issue due to a particular way some stem cells come about, more specifically, embryonic stem cells. While adult stem cells are used more due to their lack of controversy, embryonic stem cells remain substantially more useful. Many question the use of embryonic stem cells because they connect it back to the obliteration of fetuses, in order to retrieve embryonic stem cells, they must be taken during the blastocyst stage when the embryo is a mere five days old. Nevertheless, the use of embryonic stem cells should be encouraged more in today’s society, due to all the potential they hold, as well as all the benefits that can be reaped from them.
First and foremost, I believe my claim is correct because it is a fact that embryonic stem cells, or ESC, can regenerate into almost any cell, while the adult stem cells are more limited, because they are a multipotent stem cell, meaning they can only become different types of cells similar to their origin. Due to this ESC would have more potential to ease a larger number of diseases,…

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