Church Worship Team Summary

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Email: The Primary Genre for the Church Worship Team
Understanding the genre of the worship team email is critical to diagnosing the forms of communication used in the discourse community of the church worship team. Without a firm conceptualization of this intercommunication methodology, it is nearly impossible to see how members converse in this community. Consequently, the understanding of email is crucial to healthy correspondence within church worship teams. Earlier studies in genre theory proposed that every discourse community has many different genres they communicate with. For instance, Victoria Marro, in her research report titled “The Genres of Chi Omega: An Activity Analysis,” clearly stated that each sorority discourse
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Not only can students be experienced, she argues, they can often be more adept in writing, especially in non-fiction, than more “experienced” writers. Due to her student audience, Penzato thoughtfully shares her interviews with four unique student fanfiction writers and her tone is much more familiar than the other …show more content…
All Because of Jesus 2. The Solid Rock (key of E) 3. All Glory Be To Christ 4. Power of the Cross 5. In Christ Alone 6. Savior Again to Your Dear Name We Raise
Hugs, Heather. (Schmitke)

Investigating and analyzing this email makes it apparent that it is directed to an audience competent in musical vocabulary. With words and abbreviations like “raise the key,” and “vs. three,” these emails are easily understood by members, and consequently increase the usefulness of the communication. Likewise, these words, familiar to the members as part of the genre’s standard diction, create a structure that is accessible and effortless. Another genre feature of the worship team email is its content. Concerning the regular, weekly emails, Schmitke stated, “The key components of most of my email correspondence to the team consist of ‘what’ and ‘when’; the team already knows ‘where’ and ‘how’” (Schmitke). Even though many of the emails are very similar in their structure and format, differences can be found in the communication subsequent to the weekly emails. For example, I was a part of a musical trio and we needed to set up a time to perform. The following is an email conversation carried out by our trio and Heather Schmitke:
Last Frio Trio

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