Essay on Elyse Fitzpatrick 's Method Of Counseling

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Problems, an inescapable part of life, have to be dealt with on a daily basis. People seek to resolve the obstacles that are taking over their lives. There are many different approaches that people take to solve the problems that they are facing. While many try to seek out a solution on their own, others turn to biblical counselors or psychologists to help them work through the issue they are facing. This paper will explain Elyse Fitzpatrick’s method of counseling. There are two main types of counseling: secular psychological counseling and Christian counseling. These two major types of counseling have similar goals, but take different paths to achieve them. They both desire to help people overcome their obstacles in life. “Counselors often probe the past…in an attempt to repair the present,” (CCU CAGS 2010) in the hopes that they can help their patient get past the problems.
Secular psychological counseling deals with problems humanistically, by means of addressing the problem through human strength. Jones says “Their philosophy is based on man solving his own problems, using his own resources, and not relying on any outside source to guide us.” ( It is all about how they can fix it on their own with no help from biblical sources, leaving God out of the equation. Whereas Christian Counseling says that scriptures have final authority (Christian Counseling, allabout, but a…

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