Elizabeth's Socialization Case Study

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Our daily interactions involve several social aspects, most notably our socialization with other people around us. Our social interactions with our family members plays a significant factor in developing our social aspects. As an individual, we develop a unique relationship with the people we interact with, whether we identify them as a parent, friend, coworker, etc. Taking these ideas into perspective, this paper will analyze “Elizabeth’s” socialization process and how it has affected her current behavior and explain why she acts a particular way in a given situation. To begin, there are many social factors that make Elizabeth a unique individual. Elizabeth is a twenty-two-year-old female, who was born in Denver, Colorado. She moved to Chicago, …show more content…
Her experience growing up witnessing the struggles of her parent adjusting to a new country along with working long hours in a factory motivated Elizabeth to focus extensively in succeeding in school. Elizabeth’s focus in school is evident has she completed her undergraduate degree in three-and a half year rather than the typical four years. Elizabeth laser focus in school is a result of her understanding that not everyone is fortunate enough to get the chance to go to college. Elizabeth’s lack of respect for students who focus in college is to party and have a social life rather than the education aspect stems from her belief that not everyone gets the chance to attend college and the amount of money one has to pay for tuition. This is due to the fact that her parents were unable to continue with their schooling in Vietnam because they were not able to afford the expenses.
Also, growing up as the oldest child, Elizabeth had to be a good role model to her younger siblings. Elizabeth didn’t follow cultural norms in the aspect of “living the college life,” which is sometimes perceived as partying. Rather, Elizabeth made a close group of friends who had the same goals and ambitions as her rather than trying to fit into a certain social group. Elizabeth’s close relationship with her friends explains what kind of a person she has developed into. Her friends have encouraged her and always had a
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I came to this conclusion based on the observation that she has always focus on education in order to achieve her dream of becoming a pharmacist. I believe she will tackle any obstacle that comes her way because her will to be able to help out her family financially in the future. I also think that Elizabeth will not have a hard time adjusting going to pharmacy school in Denver, Colorado. This is due to the fact that she always surrounds herself with people who have the same values and ambitions as her. I also think, that one day Elizabeth will be an amazing mom, as she will be able to pass down all the values she has learned from her parent and she will be able to instill the importance of education to her children. In conclusion, the socialization process that “Elizabeth” has experienced helps explains why she acts a certain way and it also explains her values. The daily interactions we encounter have a profound effect on our socialization process. The interactions we have from a young age help shape our behaviors and values. The interactions we have with our family plays a pivotal role in our

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