Washburn Interview

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Washburn has many grand professors that I have had the opportunity to be a student of. Instructor Nam, Andrews, and Savage are just a view. However, one instructor had caught my interest from day one. Her unique teaching, and energetic attitude are a few of the reasons I chose Dr. Tracy for the faculty interview.
I was prepared for my interview with the following questions:
1) Why do you value a university education?
2) Why did you choose Washburn?
3) Why Physiology?
4) What is it like working alongside/ with your significant other?
5) What is a tip you have for college students?
6) How do you spend your free time?
7) Have you always wanted to teach or did you have something else in mind?
8) What is your legacy?
9) How did you get to where
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Tracy values a university education because it allows you to learn how to think and process. It also gives you a new way to look at things and make connections. She came to Washburn because it was one the few places that allowed her and Dr. Paul to apply for the job as a shared position. She had not always planned to be in the field of physiology, however after being placed in a class, physiology had sparked an interest in her. Teaching was one of the last things she had planned on doing. Both of her parents were teachers and she stated that “It’s too much work for too little money.” Dr. Tracy and Dr. Paul work very well with each other and use each other’s strengths to teach the class. Dr. Paul doesn’t like to speak in front of large groups so the laboratory setting is his strength. Whereas Dr. Tracy gets frustrated when tinkering in the lab doesn’t work out right, therefore the lecture part of teaching is less stressful for her. Dr. Tracy’s tip for college students was to go see your professors. When she’s not in the class room she is often supporting her daughters rather it be a girls scout meeting, PTA, or a volleyball dinner. However when she has the free time she enjoys sewing and knitting. She got to where she is now by the support of her parents whom valued education very highly. They pushed her to figure out what she wanted to do and to put in hard work. Her father would tell her to not give up and to continue to look for new

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