Elie Wiesel 's `` Night `` Essay

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In Elie Wiesel’s autobiography “Night”, Wiesel shows the dehumanization of Wiesel, his family, and his fellow Jews throughout the Holocaust. The Holocaust began in 1933 and approximately two thirds of Jews were killed. Wiesel describes how himself and his fellow jews change from normal humans to having animal like behavior. The start of dehumanization starts when Weisel, his family and the other Jews are moved from their homes in Sighet, than through the harsh treatments the Jews receive in the concentration camps, and when the Jews begin to turn against each other using self preservation key during the move from one camp to the other. The dehumanizing of Wiesel is all starting when himself, his family and other Jews of Sighet are forced to move out of their homes. “A Jew no longer had the right to keep in his house gold, jewels, or any objects of value” (Wiesel 8) this is showing how Wiesel isn 't allowed to keep any objects that have any sort of value to him, this is already representing loss of humanity and changing his attitude into a more dull and scared person. They are now being forced to sit in hermetically sealed cattle cars that had no space to move in.This is as well showing that the Germans have no respect for Wiesel and the Jews. This is changing Wiesel 's outlook of the Germans thinking that they were not there to hurt him but now they are there to harm him and the Jews. It also shows that they think of them as nothing but like animals, which shows that the…

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